• Choose from any concept or theme!
  • Mobile or stationary kiosk options
  • Personalized custom solutions
  • Unlimited signage and graphics options
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Create your own concept.

Thurmaduke is our premium line of traditional modular serving systems that's durable with renewable long life.

Durable Construction

Modular construction for the long haul.

Thurmaduke provides super solutions with productive and excellent durability for your long-term, growing needs.




  1. Modular
  2. Body latches
  3. Angle trim panels to hide seams
  4. Continuous solid top options
  5. 32" depth and 36" height-custom heights available
  6. Removable front panels
  7. Top and trayslide latches

Construction Details

Body Interlocking Latches

Support Channels and Wire Chase

Durable 11-Gauge Trayslide Bracket

14-Gauge Caster or Leg Supports

Thurmaduke Case Studies

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Flexibility on décor, etc. but with many standard options.


  1. Custom signage and graphics packages
  2. End panels
  3. Lighting packages
  4. Laminate, tile, stainless steel or other front options
  5. Up to 12 powdercoat paint options
  6. Stainless steel or other solid surface trayslides
Innovative options to make your foodservice operation fresh and profitable

Food Guards

Top Tier

Project an image of style! Sleek, cutting edge design. Show-off your menu through wide panes of glass and LED lighting. Engineered for functionality, with a focus on a distinctive high-end look and feel. View Collection >

Mid Tier

Don’t break the bank! Duke’s designer buffet and food guard line is designed for the way you work and offers practical sophistication. View Collection >

Unique Solutions

Whether it’s hot or cold, Duke can help you serve up food the way it’s meant to be enjoyed. Our dual temperature HotFrost™ merchandiser makes serving simple, with no need to transfer from sheet pans to shelves. Three combinations of hot/hot, frost/frost, or hot/frost are available, with a dual mode that reacts to a flip of a switch. The DRI-CHANNEL™ hot holding well is simple to clean and eliminates the need for water and steam. The TRI-CHANNEL™ cold holding well cools at the perfect temperature, controlling it at 41˚ or less, meeting the National Sanitation Foundation’s Standard 7.
  • Unique modular construction reduces shipping costs and simplifies the installation process
  • Chaseways/Utility Distribution Systems to improve wire management
  • Lower maintenance costs through easy access to key components
  • Ergonomic design helps improve speed of service

1 Tile and fiberglass front panels

2 Solid surface tops

3 Many décor materials available (Corian, granite, tile, etc.)

4 End panels

5 LED lighting packages available

6 Signage and graphics packages