Our Family of Hot
Cold Switchable
Merchandisers Helps:

  • Improve through put 
  • Save space 
  • Save on labor 
  • Make everything easier 

Why Switchable Technology?

Adding switchable technology to your lineup will...

...improve through put Let your menu, not your equipment, to dictate the order of hot or cold and eliminate customers going from one line to another. ...save space Maximize menu versatility in an area where space is limited. ...save on labor Take food out of hot or cold holding and place directly on HotFrost™ Shelf. ...make everything easier The controls are intuitive.

Models & Support Materials






Flush mount, available in Thurmaduke®, Expressions™, and Insignia™ Counters

IDEAL FOR any location where space is at a premium;
due to its ultra-compact design, only 6.5” of cabinet space is needed;
hospitality and buffets




Available in Thurmaduke®, Expressions™, and Insignia™ Counters

IDEAL FOR use over serving equipment such as hot food wells, hot frost
plates, and other setups; K–12 cafeterias




Available in Thurmaduke®, Expressions™, and Insignia™ Counters

IDEAL FOR high-volume operations that require frequent replenishment
of product; K–12 cafeterias




Flush mount, available only in Insignia™ Counters

IDEAL FOR buffets or serving systems with stone tops, 
where a clean consistent look is desired; higher education
and B&I operations


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for the wells to reach hot, cold or frozen states? How long does it take to convert them from one mode to another?
Estimated Conversion Times (Minutes) Ambient to Hot Dry 10-15 Ambient to Hot Wet 45-60 Ambient to Cold 30-40 Ambient to Freeze 45-60 Hot to Cold 40-60 Hot to Freeze 60-80. NOTE: If water is in the unit, it should be drained prior to switching the set point. Pans should be removed to help decrease the length of time it takes for a well to reach the new set point.
Do each of the wells of the Duke HotColdFreeze™ independently operate in any of the Hot, Cold and Freeze modes available?
Yes, the Duke HotColdFreeze™ provides versatility and flexibility for your operation by allowing you to operate any well in hot, cold, or freeze modes. Mix and match modes in any combination for ultimate menu flexibility. Example:
• Hot, Hot, Cold • Cold, Freeze, Hot • Hot, Cold, Cold • Hot,Cold, Freeze
• Freeze, Hot, Hot • All Hot • All Cold • All Freeze
The combinations are endless.
I am switching from a wet mode to another mode, is there anything I need to do?
Always be sure to drain the water before switching a well containing water from one mode to another.
Is the Duke HotColdFreeze™ available without the drain manifold?
This feature is currently in development and will be released soon. Please speak to your Duke representative for updates.
Are drawings available in KCL or Revit?
Revit models available in KCL and AutoQuotes. 2D CAD drawings also being added.

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